Central Illinois Camera Clubs Association    
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The thought of creating an organization which would unite local area camera clubs and promote the photographic interest of their members, was the early dream of several Illinois amateur photographers.

Some of the earliest people to conceive of such an organization were dreaming as early as 1945. Clarence Einhaus, Frank Fuller and Spee Wright, were each actively, though without the knowledge of the other, trying to promote such an organization.

However, it was Spee Wright in the early 1950's who was instrumental in the birth of what is today known as:

The Central Illinois Camera Clubs Association.

In it's early stages Sam Levy, served as the CICCA President as the organization under went many changes until it's first official fall meeting in November of 1950. Soon after this meeting a Constitution was born and adopted, giving legal status to the CICCA Organization.

November 1950 also marked the beginning of the first annual Fall CICCA Salon. This Salon promotes competition in both color and monochrome, and has continued to be held yearly between mid October and mid November.

CICCA also promotes a Individual Spring Salon, which is held annually around May. Each of these Salons are randomly sponsored by a membership club in their respective cities. Moving into the 21st century, CICCA has been updated to provide the latest in digital photography techniques and competitions among its member clubs.

CICCA's record of achievement could not have been accomplished without the selfless efforts of many faithful individuals. Their contributions, large and small, are greatly appreciated.

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