Spring Salon

                    CICCA SPRING SALON 2024



  Saturday, May 25,2024

      Environmental Learning Center

3300 Cedar Street

Muscatine, Iowa


Deadline for All Entries is Friday May 3, 2024

Rsvp requested to attend


The Environmental Learning Center is located in the center of Discovery Park on the West side of Muscatine not far from the Hwy 61 by-pass. Take the Cedar Street exit. It has a large handicap parking and regular parking lot. During the morning meetings you will need to use the rear entrance. There will be signs to direct all in attendance.


Lunch Available

CATEGORY D: Urban Decay

Definition: a process in which a previously functioning city, or city area, falls into despair and disuse. Common indicators, abandoned buildings and empty plots, urban landscape that is generally decrepit and desolate.




Spring Salon 2016