5 thoughts on “CICCA Fall Salon Info”

  1. Tom, I have a file of the spring salon guidelines. Would you be interested in it to post on the web sight.

  2. This is a very nice web site but there is nothing on it. How do I find out about the Spring CICCA Salon. Details about entering images. When is the deadline. etc.

    1. There is a menu at the top of the page. Click on Spring Salon and you should find the info you need.


  3. I am moving back to central Illinois and was looking for a camera club once I get settled.

    Existing members may know the details of CICCA but I can not find any photos nor any information on your organization from this page of your web site.Navigation is difficult at best and the pages have little to nothing on them. If this is the “New web site” then perhaps the old information has not yet been ported over.

    Wish I knew more

    1. Sorry for the delay in your request. It seems that the main menu stays at the top of the site. I have added a sidebar menu to make navigation easier. If you go to the member clubs page, for those clubs that have websites, you should be redirected, the other clubs are members but have not submitted info to me as of yet. Thanks for looking and if I can help with any questions feel free to ask.

      Tom Ruhland
      CICCA Webmaster

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